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Logo turtle - G-wave thread discussing shape drawing app. tutorial + source 
Current date & time G-group thread talking about time and date. Make a few labels and use this logic!


Tutorials on App Inventor Site

tutorials list

Tutorials on  

tutorials list

Techcrunch sample (

tutorial + source

USF Android Market

app list (each has source) 

app eliza - chatbot that logs to twitter

info + download (no source)

no text while biking

screencast tutorial

App inventor site - learn gallery

List of apps (no links yet) with COMPONENTS USED (very useful!)

USF students and their final apps

List of app & student infos  





Google App Inventor Main app inventor site  Great covering including tutorials, textbook, screencasts, faq and teaching material.
USF Android Market App sharing resource for USF students and staff
Computing, Robots & the web Resource for USF android course

By the tutor behind As yet un-launched app inventor site
Get Walking

App journey through research, lowfi prototypes, and app inventor prototypes by a team of university graduates

Site trying to lead examples and instructions for implementing the TinyWebDB API


thread on app engine and tinywebdb  


Specific areas


Communicating with Web APIs